Introducing Destin – Shadow and Light

I’ve started writing the prologue for Shadow and Light, and the first character you’ll meet is Destin. Here’s a brief introduction to him:

Destin is the eleventh son of Baron Melkin of Drusdale, and serves as squire to his eldest brother, Jastin. He’s 17 years old, and when the first rain comes, he’ll be infused with Light and elevated to knighthood.

Destin has reservations about becoming a knight; particularly about killing people. While he knows the Shadow Witches are his enemy, he doesn’t believe they’re the evil monsters he’s been taught they are. He often asks about them, trying to understand why they’re at war.

Neither Baron Melkin nor Jastin have any patience for Destin’s questions. They’re bold, violent men who find satisfaction and pleasure in war. Only Destin’s next-oldest brother Mishin has any empathy for his brother’s questions, but even Mishin believes that the Shadow Witches would kill them all if they had the chance.

When the first clouds appear in the sky, heralding the first rain, Destin must decide if he will embrace his destiny as a Solar Knight, or if he’ll choose a different path…