Audiobook Update

Serendipity is always cool. I already have two different people auditioning to narrate the audiobook of Shadow and Light. Both of them have experience and the equipment to do it right. I’ll be getting audition recordings from both of them in the next week. If there’s anyone else interested in narrating the audiobook, I’m still open to anyone. Make a sample recording from one of the published chapters of Shadow and Light and I’ll gladly give it a listen. I’ll select the best-sounding, most professional audition.That means I won’t be stuck trying to do the whole thing myself, which will be extremely good for the audiobook.

As I mentioned yesterday, the audiobook will initially be released through Patreon to paying supporters. I’ll be creating a new donation category at $2/chapter for people who want the audiobook. That way, I’ll be able to pay my narrator/sound engineer. As with the e-book, the audiobook will be made available (probably through once it’s finished.