Chapter 4 almost finished!

Chapter 4 is finally “text-complete”. Now I just have to go back and revise and edit. I’d have finished it sooner, but I kept having important stuff come up. Like last night, some farmer accidentally set his field on fire.

We got the fire out. It only took resources from about half the county and around 4 hours of firefighting. It was the biggest fire I’ve responded to so far, and served as a big learning experience for me. It was also, the first time I’ve seen a tractor drive through an 8-10 foot wall of flame (crazy awesome cool-points to the farmer). Fortunately, there were no casualties or major property damage, so generally a great experience.

I’m also really excited to start my EMT training course tomorrow night. I know all this stuff slows down the writing, and that’s no fun for you readers. On the other hand, just think how much more realistic any depictions of injuries or fires will be in my books (because that’s why I’m doing all this… It’s all for you, my valued readers. Definitely not just because it’s awesome and important).

The moral of the story is that Chapter 4 will be up on Patreon in a few days. Also, I checked in with one of the guys I’m talking with about the audiobook. I should have more information by next week (keep your fingers crossed).

That’s all for now, folks! Keep reading!