I really am working on chapter 6

It’s coming, I promise. I am working on it. I wrote a couple pages just the other day. Then I deleted them because I didn’t like them. Between that and all the interruptions, it’s taking more time than I’d like. Of course, it would help if people would stop accidentally setting their kitchen on fire (you know who you are), or needing an ambulance.

Which brings up something else that has been on my mind lately:


I know seatbelts can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and annoying, but that’s a side-effect of them being there to save your life. And if you’re one of those people who argues that it’s better to get thrown from the car, I’ve seen enough to know that’s complete and utter baloney. Trust me. We haven’t had to call LifeFlight for the people who wore their seatbelts.


I’m pretty sure that’s going to be my EMT soapbox.

As far as Shadow and Light goes, I promise I’ll spend all day tomorrow working on it. Really. I’ll get chapter 6 done soon. I haven’t forgotten about it.