About Me

My name is Mark Spencer, and I’m an author. I live in Spring City, Utah, with my amazing wife and two beautiful daughters. After spending more than a decade writing technical manuals, I decided it was time to share some of the many adventures that are constantly going on in my mind.

This blog is just one way that I’m trying to share those stories. It’s something of an experiment. The writing I put up here isn’t going to be the finished, polished, and edited stuff you’re likely to find in a traditionally published book or an e-book. This is draft-level content, a more raw-and-real look at the process of writing a book. Sometimes, I may put up writing notes that really aren’t even part of the story, but are part of the creation process. I hope you enjoy it.

My writing is intended for a Young Adult/New Adult audience. It deals with mature themes that younger readers may not understand, and some people may not feel comfortable discussing. I honestly expect some people to be offended by some of what I write. I hope you’re not offended, but if you are, I’m sorry. If you enjoy what I write, please let me know.

All content on this site, unless specifically otherwise indicated, is copyright 2017 Mark Spencer, All Rights Reserved. You may not copy, duplicate, or otherwise distribute this content without express permission of the author.

The Well of Souls and Shadow and Light are works of fiction. All events, characters, and locations are fictitious. Any apparent likeness to any person or location is purely coincidental. Except dragons. Dragons are real.

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