Back from the Dead (or at least a long break)

It's been a while since I've been here. The past few months have been rather hectic for me. Fortunately, things are finally starting to slow down a bit. I'm settling into the new rhythm of my life. I don't have as much time to work on this as I used to, but I am starting … Continue reading Back from the Dead (or at least a long break)

The Tortoise or the Hare

At the outset of my EMT course, I was hopeful that I'd be able to keep writing at a rate of a couple chapters each month. That didn't work out so well last month. While I'm well into getting Chapter 6 written, it's far from finished. The EMT course is the number-one factor here. In … Continue reading The Tortoise or the Hare

Musings on writing

I've finished writing the prologue and first chapter of Shadow and Light. They're available on Patreon now and I'll post them here on Thursday (July 23). I did most of the writing while camping with my family up in the mountains last week. Writing while camping was an awesome experience. There's no better setting for … Continue reading Musings on writing